SVL Courses at UNCG

Service-learning is a tool that some faculty members use to teach course content. By integrating a service experience into their class requirements, they are able to more richly expose students to course objectives, personal development skills, and civic engagement. Assignments vary for each instructor, but placements are typically 10 – 25 hours during the semester time frame. Service-learning classes are often listed in the schedule of courses with an “SVL” designation/course marker.

Check out UNCGenie Course Schedule and select SVL under Categories & Attributes to see courses offered each semester.

Summer 2018 Service-Learning Courses

Art Education

  • ARE 364-01
    • Eun Hee Lim

Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations

  • ELC 660-011D
    • Brian Clarida
  • ELC 684-01D
    • Brian Clarida
  • ELC 690-01D
    • Brian Clarida
  • ELC 690-02D
    • Craig M. Peck


  • GEO 570-11D
    • Paul A. Knap

Social Work

  • SWK 215-11
    • John C. Rife

To View the Service-Learning Course History, Click Here: SVL-Course-History-Master-List

International Service-Learning Courses

OLCE’s International Service-Learning Program combines academic study with service opportunities in other countries while encouraging students to develop global perspectives, explore multiple concepts of community, and make significant contributions around the world. Through cultural immersion, guided classroom study, service, and personal reflection, students experience the reciprocity of shared learning while increasing their understanding of a global society.

OLCE is committed to working with the International Programs Center to help support faculty and students who wish to offer or enroll in courses that include both international travel and service-learning experiences.

Interested in taking an international service-learning course?

Check out UNCGenie Course Schedule and select SVL under Categories & Attributes to see courses (usually offered in the summer), talk to an academic advisor or professor in you department, or contact OLCE (336.256.3823 or to find out courses that will be offered in coming semesters.

Some courses that have been offered include:

  • STH 245: Cross-Cultural Study Tour with Dr. Bonnie Canziani (China)
  • GEO 305: Environmental Hazards Assessment with Dr. Jay Lennartson (Germany)
  • SES 500: Inclusive Early Childhood Experiences in Mexico with Dr. Belinda Hardin (Mexico)