CLDE Faculty Fellow

Program Overview

The Faculty Fellow program is designed to support and strengthen faculty development at UNC Greensboro, in the areas of community-engaged scholarship and leadership. The goals of the program is to advance institutional change, to increase understanding of and reward for community-engaged teaching, research, and service.

A successful applicant will demonstrate the following attitudes and behaviors:

A passion for enhancing your capacity and the capacity of others to become:

  • community-engaged scholar-practitioners, and demonstrate citizen leadership through research, teaching, and service. 
  • Experience teaching academic service-learning courses prior to appointment.
  • Respect for community partners as co-educators, co-researchers, and collaborators incommunity-engaged teaching and scholarship. 
  • Respect for students as co-generators of knowledge and skill development.  
  • Commitment to serving as a leading voice for faculty in the area of civic learning and democratic engagement.

Past Service-Learning Faculty Fellows

LeGrecoOLSLpictureDr. Marianne LeGreco served from 2013-2014 as a Service-Learning Faculty Fellow!

“We have a very unique and important resource in the Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement at UNCG. As part of my OLCE Fellowship, I hope to inspire current and new faculty to take advantage this Office and get engaged with their communities through service learning. Working with students and community partners has been an important part of my research, teaching, and service. My goal as a faculty fellow is to work with OLCE and the Faculty Learning Community on Service Learning to make better use of the service learning research and resources that are available to us at UNCG.

As a Communication Studies person, I often encourage people to take a moment to look at where they have been and where they are going. More specifically, my work as the OLCE faculty fellow will have me participating in some “needs talk” with current and new faculty about how the Office of Leadership and Service Learning can serve as the best possible resource for engaged faculty. Moreover, I will continue to co-organize the Faculty Learning Community on Service Learning, which is one of the most successful learning communities on campus.”

To learn more about Dr. LeGreco’s current projects and publications, please visit her homepage at or email her at


Patrick Lee Lucas, Ph.D., Interior Architecture, 2010-2011 – Community Engagement

“I think of UNCG’s Department of Interior Architecture as a place where design and engagement meet.  As the practice of design inherently engenders multi-disciplinary collaboration and innovative energy, this year I plan to trace these qualities in our department’s culture, offering ideas and practical advice easily adapted by other academic units on campus.  This work is timely.  In a society increasingly shaped by design thinking, people freely borrow from the time-honored traditions of design and apply tried-and-true processes, theories, and values to their own disciplinary areas.”

Sherrill Hayes, Ph.D., Conflict Resolution and Dispute Resolution, 2009-2010 – Study of Community Engaged Faculty at UNCG

“This fellowship is an important one for building relationships between faculty and staff to improve the quality of instruction at the university. UNCG has shown both bravery and dedication in moving towards embracing community engagement through service learning, engaged scholarship, and co-curricular service and supporting programs like this is a tangible demonstration of that on-going commitment.  It would be a disservice for opportunities like this to not continue. From my point of view, faculty development is student and community development.”

Stephanie Kurtts, Ph.D., Specialized Education Services, 2008-2009 – Investigation and Draft of a Minor Program in Community Engagement and Leadership (CEL); Integration of Community-Engaged Scholarship in the UNCG 2009-2014 Strategic Plan

Robert Charest, MArch., Interior Architecture, Spring 2007 – Enhanced Understanding of Public/Private Partnerships for Service-Learning

Adrian Wurr, Ph.D., English, 2005-2006 –  Survey Development and Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes

Spoma Jovanovich, Ph.D., Communication Studies, 2005-2006 – Documenting and Supporting Service-Learning in Promotion and Tenure