Civic Engagement Academy

What is the Civic Engagement Academy?

This semester long academy is designed to grow your civic engagement knowledge, skills, values, and actions through a series of workshops, programs, and field trips.

From Mid September through November, you can build connections with other civically-minded students from across campus while getting out into your community and learning more about your role as an engaged community member.

Whether you feel a little lost in the current political climate or want to run for office someday, the CEA is designed to grow you personally and professionally where you are.

Apply here for our Spring 2020 academy!

Spring 2020 Events Include

Orientation: Our first event together will be an orientation, we want this cohort to get to know each other to enhance the rest of the experiences we have planned throughout the semester!

Dialogue Across Difference: We will be having an inter-generational dialogue about your own political priorities, faith in the political system, and the strength of our democracy with members of  the Association of Retired Faculty.

News & Media Literacy: We will attend an interactive workshop with UNCG Libraries that encourages critical thinking, civil discourse, and information literacy.

Greensboro History Museum Trip: American Democracy: A Great Leap of Faith is a traveling Smithsonian exhibit that will be on display in Greensboro through March.

Voting 101: Learn more about the democratic system we participate in by getting the scoop on elections and voting.

City Council & Local Government: We’ll be headed to a Greensboro City Council meeting to see governance in action!

Reflection & Graduation: We’ll take a moment to process what we’ve learned through the academy and celebrate your completion with a special graduation gift.

Some of these times are subject to slight changes. In addition to our 7 in-person sessions listed above participants are required to complete one “elective” of their choice. These electives are offered throughout the semester at varying times and dates. You’ll learn more about these during CEA orientation.

More about the CEA

  • This is completely FREE for UNCG students
  • Students of any year are encouraged to apply
  • Transportation is provided
  • This program counts towards Silver level leadership challenge professional development hours
  • Students must attend all CEA programs to graduate from the academy

Our first cohort completed the Civic Engagement Academy in Fall 2019

If you have questions about the Civic Engagement Academy please contact Autumn Cox at