Training Workshops

If you’d like to request any of the workshops below, please email  There may be nominal fees associated with these workshops that the requesting party will be responsible for – please ask about the fee amounts, as they differ for each assessment!

MBTI Workshop

The MBTI workshop is designed to be an in-depth introduction to personality type.

Selected learning outcomes for the MBTI debrief workshop:

  1. Basic understanding of scales upon which the MBTI measures personality
  2. Better understanding of self
  3. Recognition of strengths and weaknesses of various personality types and opportunities for growth
  4. Participant-generated ideas that can improve individual and team performance
  5. Awareness of resources on campus that can help supplement growth (e.g., Career Services)

Competencies related to Leadership Challenge: Self-Awareness, Communication, Relationship Development, Task Management

Resources participants need for workshop: Each participant needs a completed MBTI (or score sheet from a previous administration of instrument).  The MBTI is usually completed and scored on-site. Participants who choose this option need to show up 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the workshop.

Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)

Applying the proven principles of Kouzes and Posner’s acclaimed Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® model, the LPI enables individuals and organizations to measure their leadership competencies and act on their discoveries. Leaders will gain deep insight into how they see themselves as leaders, how others view them, and what actions they can take to improve their effectiveness. The LPI is available in six languages – English, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Mongolian.

Anyone interested in becoming a more effective leader and learning to apply Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner’s acclaimed Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® model to real-life challenges and opportunities will benefit from the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI).

Competencies related to Leadership Challenge: Self-Awareness, Relationship Development, Effective Communication, Ethical Decision-Making

StrengthsQuest Workshop

StrengthsQuest is Gallup’s strengths development program for college-aged students, staff, and faculty. It gives people the opportunity to develop strengths by building on their greatest talents — the way in which they most naturally think, feel, and behave as unique individuals.  StrengthsQuest allows teams to work smarter together, leveraging team talents and strengths by acknowledging individual opportunities for growth.

Selected outcomes for the StrengthsQuest workshop:

  1. Learn about personal areas of strength
  2. Discover how your team can better utilize each other’s talents and strengths
  3. Learn how your strengths affects how others perceive you and how your strengths influence your perception of others
  4. Determine the “traps” in your strength areas that can limit your flexibility and your leadership

Competencies related to Leadership Challenge: Self-Awareness, Relationship Development, Task Management, Effective Communication

Group Coaching

This element of Leadership Challenge and Semester of Service allows students with the same interests to focus their practice and create clearly defined goals.  Our coaches provide face-to-face meetings to help support students through this process.