Leadership and Civic Engagement

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AGS Online Leadership Program

AGS Online, the Adult and Graduate Student Online Leadership Program is open and available for students! 

If you’d like to join the cohort, fill out this form.  For more info, please email our office (lead@uncg.edu).

The AGS Online Leadership Program is designed for Adult, Graduate, and Online students.

It provides students valuable leadership insights, skills and experiences while preparing them to be change-makers in their communities. All UNCG students are asked to lead at some point —will you be ready?

Program Features

• Content developed for adult, graduate, and online students

• Workshops are entirely online for flexibility and convenience

• Can be completed in one to two semesters


  • Complete (5) workshops
  • Complete (15) hours of community service (find service opportunities here)
  • Complete (1) final reflection at the end of the program


See below what some AGS Online graduates had to say about their experience:

“This program has helped me find new ways of thinking and new ideas that I didn’t even think of before. I found out that I have new strengths that I never would have thought of before. I now know how to make goals for myself and how to be an effective leader for others as well.”

Michelle B., Graduate Student

“I like that this challenge has allowed me to reflect and think upon my past actions as well as what I hope to achieve in the future!”

Kirsten S., Graduate Student

“I am so thrilled that I took on this experience my senior year at UNCG. Prior to this, being an online student, I did not feel much of a connection to the university. After this experience, I truly feel as though I am a part of this large institution.”

Destinie P., Online Student

“The AGS Online process has shown me that UNCG is working diligently to create well-rounded graduates ready to take on leadership roles upon graduation.”

Shelly P., Online Student