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Van Reservations

Van Reservations

The Office of Leadership and Civic Engagement (OLCE) manages three vehicles that can be reserved and used for university related transport of students for service and service-learning purposes. These vehicles can only be driven by paid student, staff, or faculty employees who are University van trained by OLCE staff, the Office of Environmental Health & Safety, or another authorized UNCG van safety trainer. Drivers will also be required to have a valid driver’s license and provide a driving record.

–> OLCE Vehicle Reservation Form<–

Common examples of vehicle usage:

  • Faculty/Staff Adviser drives student group to service project
  • Faculty member, paid Teaching Assistant, paid Graduate Assistant, or paid Student Reflection Leader drives students to service sites
  • Residence Life professional drives student residents to service project

Guidelines for vehicle usage:

  • Per UNCG policy, no minors can be transported in the vehicles
  • Operate vehicle only for approved use
  • Practice safe driving at all times
  • Report any van maintenance issues to OLCE
  • Ensure that all trash is collected and disposed of before returning vehicle
  • Inquire about a gas card at time of key pick-up if you will be traveling outside Greensboro and do not return van with empty gas tank
  • Fill out and return form along with key packet the by the business day following use

Covid-19 Van Protocols:

  • Masks are required by riders at all in times in the vehicles and windows should be open if possible to increase airflow.
  • Each van will be equipped with hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes.
  • OLCE will limit frequency of vehicle usage to prevent surface contamination.

Available vehicles:

  • Ford Transit: 15 people, including driver
  • Minibus: 15 people, including driver
  • Minivan: 7 people, including driver

Frequently asked questions:

Who pays for gas?  – If you are using the van for the above guidelines regarding service activities or service-learning OLCE covers the cost of gas. If you are traveling outside of Greensboro please let us know and we will provide you with a gas card to be used only for our vehicles. While we work to ensure each vehicle has gas upon pick-up, each key packet has instructions for filling gas at the campus pump if your vehicle should have less than a quarter tank when picked up.

Where are the vehicles kept? – The vans are a 10 minute walk or 5 minute drive from the Elliott University Center in a university parking lot. Drivers are responsible for picking them up and returning them to the same location.

How do I get keys? – Once your reservation is approved by email you can pick up the keys at the Office of Leadership Civic Engagement in the Elliott University Center Suite 217 during business hours (8:30am-5pm M-F) no more than one day before you need them. Keys must be returned within 24 hours after your reservation during business hours.

What happens in the event of an accident? – You will learn this information in the van safety training you receive before being authorized to drive University vehicles. In the event you need a reminder, guidelines and insurance information are available in the key packet that you will keep with you while operating an OLCE vehicle.

Still have questions? Please contact Katelyn Bodwell, Assistant Director for Community Engagement, k_bodwel@uncg.edu, 336-256-1085.