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The Leadership Challenge program is an institution-wide commitment to offer all UNCG students leadership education, training, and development through curricular and co-curricular experiences. These experiences assist students in the development of their leadership skills and prepares students to serve as change-makers in their communities.

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Bronze Leadership Challenge

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Silver Leadership Challenge

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Gold Leadership Challenge

  • Attend each of the five (5) workshops in order
    • What is Leadership for Social Change?
    • Values Clarification
    • Personal Identity & Social Systems
    • Perspective
    • Visioning & Goal Setting
  • Write and submit a reflection following each workshop
  • Complete ten (10) hrs of community service
  • Participate in five (5) professional development events.
  • Complete one final reflection at the end of your Bronze experience

If you are an Adult/Graduate/Distance-Learning student, we have an online Bronze program just for you.  See below for our AGS Online information.

Once you complete the Bronze Challenge, students are encouraged to move on to the Silver Challenge!  Silver is where you have the opportunity to practice your leadership philosophy and reflect on your understanding of leadership as it relates to action–what are you doing with the leadership skills you’ve developed?  In the Silver Challenge, students receive one-on-one support from a Leadership Development Coach who champions student development as students learn to recognize their potential as leaders and their responsibility to make positive social change in their communities.

  • Complete a minimum of 6 coaching sessions with your assigned coach
  • Complete the Leadership Practices Inventory
  • Participate in the Silver Symposium
  • Complete a minimum of 30 hours of community service at a single organization (this can be any voluntary work that you are not paid for that benefits the community in some way; check out our GivePulse page to find community partners you can volunteer with!)
  • Complete a minimum of 15 hours of personal/professional development (this can be any lecture, workshop, conference, counseling, dialogue session you attend on or off campus)
  • Complete a visual representation of your Leadership Journey and present it at the Silver Expo (usually done on a trifold board)

Gold students engage in a community-based work that integrates personal and professional interests, the community, and developing leadership in others.  Students select an organization, group, or “cause” for which they can apply the leadership concepts and skills learned through the Spartan Leadership Challenge program.  

*Gold is a yearlong commitment, beginning in the fall semester and ending in the Spring Semester*


  • Complete (60) total project hours – (30) hours each semester that include direct service and administrative project management
  • Meet monthly (in person or telephone) with your Community Partner and complete required documentation
  • Attend (2) developmental opportunities
  • Complete a Project Plan and Portfolio
  • Complete a Digital Story

Have you completed Bronze and Silver and are now interested in pursuing Gold?  Email Jarrod Rudd at [email protected]!

Adult & Distance Learning Program

AGS will not be active after the fall 2023 semester due to staffing. We may bring the program back once staffing changes but cannot maintain the program after this semester currently.

The AGS Online Leadership Program is designed for Adult, Graduate, and Online students.

It provides students valuable leadership insights, skills and experiences while preparing them to be change-makers in their communities. All UNCG students are asked to lead at some point —will you be ready?

Program Features

• Content developed for adult, graduate, and online students

• Workshops are entirely online for flexibility and convenience

• Can be completed in one to two semesters


  • Complete (5) workshops
  • Complete (15) hours of community service (find service opportunities here)
  • Complete (1) final reflection at the end of the program

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