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OLCE-ONLY Coronavirus FAQs

Posted on Friday, March 13th, 2020 by Lindsey Woelker under Home Page.

In keeping consistent with the University’s response to the COVID-19 virus concerns, the Division of Student Affairs has made the decision to cancel all Student Affairs-sponsored events and programming through March. As OLCE is in the Division, this does impact our programming. Please see below to answer some frequently asked questions moving forward.

There are three Catalyst days left in the semester – will those still happen?
No, all Catalyst days have been cancelled through the end of the semester.

I’m in the Civic Engagement Academy this semester – is that still happening?
No, the Civic Engagement Academy has been cancelled through the end of the semester.

Can I still serve in the community? If so, how do I find opportunities?
While there will not be OLCE sponsored community service events, you can volunteer on your own time in the community if you check with organizations and they are still accepting volunteers and you are healthy. You can always visit our GivePulse database site to find the most up to date opportunities.

Is the Leadership Challenge still happening?
You will get notifications during the week of March 16th for the level of Leadership Challenge you are currently in.
We will be offering an online version of Bronze workshops for students who have already completed at least “What is Leadership”. If you have not started the Bronze level at this point, you will have to wait until the fall semester to begin.
Silver coaching can/will take place virtually and again, you will receive an email during the week of March 16th with further instruction.
Gold will also receive an email during the week of March 16th with further instruction.

If I finish the Leadership Challenge this semester, will I be able to get my medallion and certificate?
All events through the end of the semester have been cancelled, including the Medallion Ceremony. We will notify students and mail out medallions and certificates over the summer or allow students to wait until the fall to pick up their medallion and certificate.

Is the LiNC Conference happening on March 28th?
No, this event has been cancelled.

Is TedXUNCG happening on March 18th?
This event will be live streamed but will not allow a live audience to be present. We will send out information next week on how to view this event.

If I need to get in contact with someone from OLCE, how should I do that?
We will be checking our account regularly. Please give us 24 hours to respond.

I am a faculty person teaching a service-learning course. What do I do if students can’t visit their service sites?

Check-in with your community partners about their ability to host college student volunteers at this time. Some K-12 schools, nursing homes, etc. may limit or eliminate visitors or volunteer programs. In these instances students may be able to use a digital platform like Webex to continue engaging. You may need to adjust or assign alternative assignments for students leaving campus who are no longer able to attend a local site. Check out this article from Iowa Campus Compact about Coronavirus and the Engaged Campus for ways that others are moving service-learning online or making alternative arrangements for their course and students.

SECU Public Fellows Internship Program

Posted on Thursday, May 28th, 2020 by Lindsey Woelker under Home Page.
OLCE is honored to be a part of this initiative in collaboration with Career and Professional Development in the Division of Student Affairs. Looking forward to seeing the impact of our students in the community and the incredible work they are able to do this summer.

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